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When it comes to finding help for drugs and alcohol addiction..

it’s often difficult to know where to begin your search – and it’s not uncommon to feel lost, alone, and scared during this difficult time. However, no one should ever have to feel this way – and, as a result, I set out to become one of the leading addiction motivational recovery speakers, helping others find the motivation for their own addiction recovery.

Speaking Sample

My name is Jay Chase

I am a firm believer that recovery is something everyone deserves and can achieve. Indeed, as a Columbia man, born and bred, I’ve always had a strong passion for helping uplift others and inspire people to achieve self-confidence – but this wasn’t always something I necessarily applied to myself, which left me spiraling into a world of addiction and alcoholism.

However, I knew that there had to be a better way..

which was why, on February 5th, 2017, I finally managed to grasp control of my mindset and managed to give up on alcohol. It wasn’t always easy, but I’ve been sober ever since. Now, over half a decade later, I dream of sharing my own alcohol recovery stories with others to inspire and motivate them.

Since achieving my sobriety, I’ve gone on to achieve ever-greater successes. I’ve been operating within the automotive and financial fields for over nine years. I’ve even been able to start my own podcast, Don’t Touch my Mindset, inspiring others to achieve self-confidence and growth. Now, I’m taking the next big step and sharing my story with the world – in the hopes it’ll help inspire a change for others who are suffering like I once did.

Inspiring Audiences with
Personal Alcohol Recovery Stories

Living with an addiction doesn’t have to stop you from achieving a fulfilling life – and I’m living proof of that. I’m here to share my alcohol recovery stories with the world and inspire a change that’s long-term and genuine. After all, I know every audience member has the power to accept help for drugs and alcohol addiction; that they’ve turned up is the first big step. That’s why I’m here to inspire them to finish their journey and discover their motivation for addiction recovery.


Motivational Speeches for Those In Recovery

If you’d like to learn more about my motivational speeches for recovering addicts, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me today. I’m immensely proud of how far I’ve come with my own experiences, and I’m proud to share my alcohol addiction recovery stories with others, inspiring them to achieve their own peace and recovery.

Help for drugs and alcohol addiction is out there.

As one of the leading Columbia-based addiction motivational speakers, I hope my addiction recovery stories can inspire something new in my audiences and give them that final burst of courage and motivation for their recovery.

Everyone has a choice when it comes to their lives. Don’t let addiction hold you back from achieving your full potential; I’m here to help!

Most Popular Talks

The P.I.V.O.T. Mindset

The Full Framework. I will cover the pivot mindset framework I have created for someone like me who suffers from addiction to overcome the obstacles that arise in/during active recovery. How most of our suffering is cause from our operating levels.

Power Over Pain

Reclaim the Power Within You. I will cover what Personal Power is. What it looks like to stand in your personal power. I will also explain where and how my audience is giving away power but also how to check that and reclaim that power.

Trusting the Process

New Levels, New Devils. I will cover how as addicts in active recovery we need to trust the process of becoming. Surrendering and trust.

What people are saying

Since working with Jay, I really feel like I am closer to the person I want to be! Sometimes I feel like Jay knows me better than I know myself.

Susanna Lovtik

This was a really good opportunity for anyone that just wanted to come and reflect when it comes to evaluating your life and move it forward in the best possible way! 

Alicen Harrison

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