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One thing I loved is that it was vulnerable and the stories that he was telling us about his life was so relateable! 

Eman Nur

This was a really good opportunity for anyone that just wanted to come and reflect when it comes to evaluating your life and move it forward in the best possible way! 

Alicen Harrison

Since working with Jay, I really feel like I am closer to the person I want to be! Sometimes I feel like Jay knows me better than I know myself!

Susanna Lovtik



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Jay Chase
Who Am I?

Speaker, Podcaster, and Coach.

I Exist To Lead With Generosity and Unconditional Love. I help individuals intergrate their mindset with their heart space to navigate through the human experience. I believe life happens for us and not to us. It’s about how we meet the situation.

For The Curious..

Yes, early bird tickets on sale for $13 until Sept. 2nd. Now there is limited space and seating. There is no ticket to buy or cost to pay at the door. So, please make sure you get a spot before it's full.

Food and drink is provided at this workshop. You may want to get fueled up before the workshop and bring a few snacks along with a full water bottle. We can refill our water bottles in this venue.

You are responsible for your own transportation and parking. We do not compensate or cover parking tickets.

I have an eBook titled "The P.I.V.O.T. Mindset". You'll find it on my Homepage. You can download it for free today and begin preparing your mindset for the workshop.

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