The Next 90 Days Begins Oct 1st - Together as One Unyielding Community

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Sept 15th - Sept 30th

Challenge Commences: Oct 1st

Embrace Transformation one step at a time!

Have you ever set ambitious goals at the start of a year, only to find the energy wane off with time? You're not alone, but it's time to break the cycle. Ready to sprint towards your dreams? Welcome to Jay Chase's 90-Day Personal Growth Challenge. A culmination of a framework Jay has passionately followed since 2018, and yes, it works!



  • Falling victim to your own manufactured limitations?
  • Lacks the ability to delegate and let go of control of certain things?
  • Preoccupation of goals over people?


  • Have a hard time embracing need for change?
  • Being assertive when pressured and the big one?
  • Procrastination in addressing change in ones-self and/or routine?


  • IN EVERYTHING? Struggling to make decisions without over thinking?
  • Can be too detailed and impersonal at times?
  • Being overly defensive when criticized?


  • Having more creative ideas than what can be executed?
  • Feeling disorganized and all over the place?
  • Overcommitting and speaking without thinking?

If any of these pain points resonate, this challenge is the turning point you've been awaiting.

🌱 A Glimpse into Jay's Journey

Renowned as an esteemed Leadership Development Speaker, Coach, and Podcaster, Jay's dedication to personal growth is unparalleled. Every story he shares, every lesson he teaches, stems from a place of experience. It’s crafted to inspire, to propel you towards your most audacious goals. Everyone has a choice, and with Jay's insights and unwavering support, you won't let apprehensions overshadow your potential.

Here’s What Awaits You:

  • A Catalyst for Growth: Embrace a new learning opportunity each day, nurturing transformation at every step.

  • An Encompassing Community: Walk this path with a community that uplifts, supports, and understands.

  • Tangible Results: Experience the profound shift, from ingrained habits to enhanced self-awareness. Your evolution begins here!

Identify Your Growth Gap!
Take Ownership of Your Growth!
Who Would Benefit From Your growth?
Go Beyond Your Commitments!

"If you aren't growing with someone, then you are growing away from them!"

Your presence here signifies an invitation from someone deeply invested in your transformative journey. It's more than a mere challenge; it’s an ignition for lasting change. Dive deep, and manifest the dreams you’ve always cherished.

The “Pay It Forward” Initiative

At the heart of our program lies the collective urge to share, to inspire, and to ascend. When one rises, we all rise. Through the 90-Day Personal Growth Challenge, you’ll traverse the realms of health, relationships, career, and holistic development, bolstered by a community where collective growth isn't just a goal—it's a way of life.

Rise, Transform, Repeat
Prepare for a transformative journey that promises:

  • Dynamic Growth: With every dawn, embrace growth, and leave no stone unturned in your path of self-discovery.

  • Unyielding Community Support: In unity, there's strength. Be part of a community where passion and determination thrive.

  • Life-Altering Outcomes: As days turn into weeks and weeks into months, witness a version of yourself you've always aspired to be.

Are you ready to leap into the realm of unbounded growth?

To experience the synergy of an indomitable community? Join hands, breathe deep, and click the ‘Enroll Now’ button. The journey awaits!